Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day 2 - The Sea of Flowers

Well, after a fitful sleep, the hotel we were staying at provided breakfast in bed... For whatever it's worth. Heh.

 The nice boss from BVLGARI gave us a lift to the studio to change and do our make up and whatnot. Let's skip all that and go to the Sea of Flowers! About 30-45 minutes drive from Taichung...

 It really was a sea of flowers. From what I gathered, there is a fee to be paid if you wanted to take pre-wedding photos at the venue but it ain't that expensive... About 200-300 yuan per person. Ain't that bad.

Once we were done, we headed over to the old railway station to take more shots. As much as I love the shots there, I'll save them for myself...

Right after that, we were shipped back to the photo studio for a brief lunch (more economy rice and bubble tea XD) and then we were told we would be taken to the night market in Taichung later at abour 6/7 p.m. So when we headed back to the hotel, we got ready anyways because we were exhausted from the photoshoot. Funnily once we just got done, the hotel called to tell us the boss was downstairs with his Merc again waiting to bring us out.

Good timing, I say. So off we went to this Taichung night market.

But not before he went to treat us another Taiwan specialty: Pork rib rice. To be honest we weren't really hungry nor interested in these sit down meal food. We just wanted STREET FOOD! So let's skip this tosh and move on!

Food was immensely impressive. Loads of it we've only seen, maybe even tried in Malaysia but nothing comes close to the explosive taste of proper, proper street food in the heart of motherfucking Taiwan!


Truly a spectacular place and a must visit!

So that pretty much wraps up our Day 2 in Taiwan, which, was pretty much visiting the Sea of Flowers and the biggest night market in Taiwan because we totally couldn't finish it whereas the ones in Taipei were easy to finish walking around in

Stay tuned for Day 3 in Taiwan where we take a short trip to Sun Moon Lake and did... very little as most of the time was just traveling.

Peace out y'all!

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